beroep|tech is a Brooklyn based design label founded by Akiko Kato. Her designs are artful version of everyday objects by which she is inspired.

The production process start with the draft designs on sketchbook. This step is not only to save as many ideas as possible even though they are rough or abstract but it also serves for refine purpose over time until a design is in shape.

The next step is to choose making techniques. A sample is made using different metals, mostly sterling silver or gold filled, to test the shape and fineness.

Then it is worn to test its length, scale, thickness and comfort in a complete look. This is a step of finalizing all of measurements of the piece.  It can be adjusted and re-made if needed.

After a final design is confirmed, a mass production is in process. Some pieces begin as a carved wax that later on become rubber molds and are also casted locally. Cutting, filing and soldering are handmade by Akiko. Only casting process is outsourced. Some other techniques are used, depends on what the design calls for. Most of final process is done by tumbling because our products are small scale and delicate.

Our brand is a design and material consciousness that is made of 100% 925 sterling silver in order to prevent any unwanted skin allergy. All materials are produced locally in New York City and all pieces are crafted in our studio in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

Gold filled and rose gold filled are used for special designs that require a proper softness to ensure original shapes.



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